Outdoor Living In Winter

Updated: May 23, 2019

Indoor/outdoor spaces have been a trend for quite a while now, but just because the temperature is dropping needn’t mean that you have to stop using this part of the home....

From fire pits to café blinds to add-ons like outdoor spa baths, there’s many ways to create a year-round (or, at least, mostly year-round) outdoor space for your home. For those wintry fresh air lovers, we’ve come up with a few tips for enjoying outdoor spaces even in these cooler months.

Get The Fire Going

The good thing about winter is curling up in front of the fire, right? Well, what if your fire was outside? Too easy. Fire pits in the backyard aren’t a new trend but they’re an easy way to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful cool evening without all the cool that comes with that… There’s some striking metal designs for fire pits from local artisans and welders around. For something really special, you could order your own bespoke design to suit your outdoor space perfectly.

Spa Under The Stars

A spa bath on your balcony needn’t be just territory of luxurious weekends away… Think wintry nights spent relaxing away in your own outdoor tub, stars above and the pleasant combination of warm water and crisp air. You can really jazz things up by considering extras like an outdoor television and/or sound system, ideal for entertaining.

Consider Café Blinds

No longer reserved for hospitality venues, these clever blinds come in a variety of options and bring a brilliantly simple concept to your outdoor area; seal off the elements. As well as this, there’s other benefits. The sun will warm the area in the daytime, providing the warmth of the sun without the prevailing winds. In addition to café blinds, there’s awnings and zip screens options to consider in this department too.

Warm Up With Rugs

Outdoor rugs have been a huge trend lately and they’re not just for summer… A quality outdoor rug will do more than just look great visually or add interest to your outdoor area, it will also add warmth to your outdoor flooring.

Get Cooking

The rise of television renovation shows has helped spark our interest in outdoor kitchens and cooking en plain air can be less of an issue when the temperature drops due to the heat from cooking. Wood fire pizza ovens are always popular while barbeques, now seemingly smarter than ever with slow cook grill options and the like, can also be enjoyed much of the year. So whether it’s firing up a barbeque or making homemade pizzas, al fresco cooking is certainly one way to get things warmer in your outdoor space.

Please get in touch to have a chat about how we can assist creating an outdoor living space you’ll enjoy using, regardless of the weather!


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